Des del cor del Marroc

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Collection: Adult fiction, num. 7

Objective public: General

Pages: 208


Size: 13 x 21 cm


From the Heart of Morocco

Winner of the 23rd Ribera d’Ebre Narrative Prize

Josep-Lluís González

es del cor del Marroc is a novel set in modern-day Morocco, portraying the weight of north African tradition and the challenges for the future facing a society immersed in an unstoppable process of far-reaching change. Exotic harem fantasies, Koranic schoolmasters, forbidden caresses, the damp, labyrinthine streets of medinas hung with cobwebs, prostitution in the orange-scented Marrakesh night, religious fundamentalism, souks where one can buy carpets that no longer fly, shanty town neighbourhoods, compulsory patriotism, drugs, the blue and green sea of youth eager to emigrate, terrorism: all these things are woven into the moving story of Yazid, a young Moroccan fated since before he was born to seek the legendary paradise of wide valleys and honeyed rivers from which his Andalusian ancestors were banished forever.

Josep-Lluís González

Josep-Lluís González born in Sabadell in 1965, he graduated in English in Barcelona and, after completing his doctorate at Oxford University, he settled in the United Kingdom. Since 1997 he has headed the Hispanic studies department at Eton College. He is also a regular contributor to Catalonia Today, where he has published a series of informative articles on Catalan narrative, poetry and drama translated into English. A tireless reader and traveller, he is especially interested in north Africa, with its secular history and a rich literary tradition which are as yet little-known here. He has written several short stories and his first novel, L’esguard d’Orfeu (The Gaze of Orpheus), recreating the life of the Baron of Maldà, a member of the late 18th-century Barcelona aristocracy, won the Plaerdemavida award in 2002.